Why retreading is important for the future!

Improve your fleet sustainability and cost efficiency with a professional retreading solution

We now live and work in a world where both environmental and sustainable practises are at the top of the agenda, fleet managers of all descriptions are faced with reducing operational costs whilst increasing performance and sustainability throughout their operations.

Alterever retreads

Alterever retreads have a proven background, we work with companies of all sizes both locally and globally offering peace of mind, that when you invest In an Alterever retread solution you are investing in a sustainable solution.

Tyre retreading is now the most sustainable choice of commercial tyre purchase, “renewing and extending what as previously been produced”, our retreads save the precious resource of new raw materials, reduce waste and your carbon footprint by the reduction of CO2, retreads offer the performance of a new tyre and is a safe, reliable and affordable, sustainable, solution.


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